Tamilinpan Somu
Gurunathan Subramanyan
Raghuvamshi Thakur

PGPEM students notch up wins at national contests

Students of the 2019-2021 batch of the Post Graduate Programme in Enterprise Management (PGPEM) at IIM Bangalore have won two awards – the Best Innovation Idea at the Social Ideate Konflux, organized by ICFAI Business School, Mumbai, and the Best Case Study in Impersonate, Think Like CMO organized by Fore School of Management, New Delhi.

The winners of the Best Innovation Idea are Tamilinpan Somu, Gurunathan Subramanyan and Raghuvamshi Thakur. The winners of the Best Case Study competition are Gurunathan Subramanyan and Tamilinpan Somu.