Effective leaders and their strategies

Effective leaders and their strategies

In a webinar hosted by the Mizuho India Japan Study Centre, on May 28th, Jayaram Easwaran speaks on transformational leadership

In conversation with Saideep Rathnam, Chief Operating Officer of the Mizuho India Japan Study Centre (MIJSC), an IIM Bangalore Centre of Excellence, on May 28th, best-selling author Jayaram Easwaran shared some lessons from transformational leaders of India and Japan, focusing on time organization skills, teamwork, building loyalty and trust, and importance given to research and data.

“Japan is extremely data oriented, and data means facts. When leader asks their teams for information, if they do not have it, they would say ‘we will check and get back to you’, and it is not considered a negative thing. This is similar to the approach of effective leaders in India too,” explained the management consultant and Independent Director at Jindal Stainless Ltd.

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