Healing Hands

Healing Hands

In the last week of April, in the middle of the pandemic, a group of IIMB faculty members, students, alumni, and community members came together to form an initiative called “Healing Hands” to help India’s medical professionals and COVID warriors who are leading the fight against COVID-19 from the front.

In its first project, the Healing Hands initiative raised funds for St Philomena’s Hospital, Bangalore, to provide PPE kits to COVID warriors at the hospital.

Healing Hands organised a social media campaign, where prominent artistes and intellectuals shared their appreciation for COVID warriors to raise funds. To motivate people to donate to the project, a fundraiser- Meditate For India, a 24-hour Meditation and Yoga COVID Fundraiser event, was organised on 15th and 16th May 2021. A total of 20 lakh rupees was raised for the St Philomena’s Hospital with the help of around 200 donors. The funds have been released to them.

Since mid-May, the IIM Bangalore Healing Hands community joined hands with members of the IIM Ahmedabad community for project CHHAAV – a project to provide health kits to ASHA workers, and IIMA and IIMB volunteers have come together to fundraise and deliver health kits to rural India.

The project has received the endorsement of the Directors of IIMA and IIMB.

With the support of around 900 donors, Project CHHAAV has raised over 46 lakh rupees. Moreover, corporations and philanthropic organisations have also joined to help in the cause in various ways (funds, outreach, supplies). By the first week of June, 7000 frontline ASHA workers would have received health kits in 11 blocks of Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. Several fundraiser events are being planned for raising further funds for the initiative.

We encourage you to reach out with your support, questions, and suggestions to Manaswini Bhalla (manaswinib@iimb.ac.in), Prateek Raj (prateekraj@iimb.ac.in), and Ankur Sarin (asarin@iima.ac.in). The initiative is raising funds on the following link: https://www.impactguru.com/fundraiser/chhaav-by-iim