Continuing its journey to offer relentless service, IIMBx employs rigorous online engagement techniques for training batch-2 of NCW’s programme

Continuing its journey to offer relentless service, IIMBx employs rigorous online engagement techniques for training batch-2 of NCW’s programme

As part of the ‘Empowering Women through Entrepreneurship Program’, launched by the National Commission for Women (NCW), IIMB’s action-oriented online course ‘Do Your Venture: Entrepreneurship for Everyone’ was used for training the participants in Entrepreneurship.

The programme’s first batch has been completed. The first batch showed a remarkable 48% completion rate in its online course delivered against the global MOOC completion rate in single digit percentages.

IIMBx is currently training the second batch of the programme with rigorous efforts to boost learner engagement. The course is being used for training the participants of the current batch in foundational concepts and techniques of Entrepreneurship. This initiative aims to empower women to develop their entrepreneurial skills.

Ideated and designed to promote economic independence among women through Entrepreneurship, NCW’s programme has received applications from women from across the country. It is delivered in two phases – Online Training by IIMB and then Incubation by India SME Forum in the second phase.

The first batch of the programme with an impressive 48% completion rate had 1770 participants. The second batch has 930 participants currently undergoing IIMB’s online training. During the course of these two batches, the IIMBx team initiated a series of innovative steps to improve learner engagement and achieve learner satisfaction.

The team combined some of the best practices that worked well for the first batch to enhance its delivery. The team has brought in more interactive elements for its course delivery this time.

Virtual Office 

The IIMBx team held ‘Virtual Office Hours’ to provide an opportunity to learners for one-to-one interaction. This has proven effective to closely understand learner needs and offer relevant solutions. It also enables the team to resolve learner queries and technical doubts within a very short span of time.

AMA Sessions

‘Ask Me Anything’ sessions are live webinars conducted with the course instructor. Learners have the freedom to ask questions to the course instructor who answers the same in the live session.


Three workshops are planned for the learners of the second batch of the Entrepreneurship programme to help them create their ‘Lean Canvas Business Plan’, which is a main component of the course assessment. These sessions will be conducted by entrepreneurs who are part of NSRCEL’s women entrepreneurship programme.

Regional Language

Based on the feedback received from learners during Batch-1 of the programme, IIMBx has dubbed the three weeks of course content in Hindi. The department intends to make the entire course content available in more than two Indian languages to make it accessible to all.

The second batch concluded on August 31, 2021.

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