Continuous Improvement – Generating Digital Learning Analytics

Continuous Improvement – Generating Digital Learning Analytics

The IIMBx team has been engaged in implementation and continuous improvement of smooth Analytics processes. This has a great role in empowering the Digital Learning initiative.

The IIMBx team has been into experiments and research to generate quality learner engagement data to enable quality learner facilitation. The team has done research on the Panorama Analytics tool.

The tool helps in providing valuable learner engagement insights and tracking the performance of the students across a set of courses.

The flexible Analytics engine can be easily adapted to the specific needs of the IIMBx learning objectives.

The leaders of the institutions can have a high-level view of the enrolments, student performance and engagement at an organization/institution level, while having at the same time the possibility to drill down on specific courses or students, if needed.

The tool enables to collect details related to the progress of the students in a dashboard. The team has been very active in continuous improvement and innovation.

The Learning Analytics tool have come up as an enabler of the online learning initiative, monitoring learner progress and pushing the learners to meet their learning goals and objectives.