Teaching Tips on Tap

Teaching Tips on Tap

This is a new initiative of the Centre for Teaching and Learning. The Centre’s webpage has started building a database of short video clips that explain and explore various useful aspects of teaching and pedagogy. The short videos are available in the public domain for benefiting the teaching community everywhere.

CTL’s Teaching Tips on Tap page has added the following videos this month.

This time, the series of videos are from Dr. B Mahadevan from Production and Operations Management area.

Teaching Business Management vs. Teaching a Science Course: In this video, Prof. B Mahadevan clarifies how teaching in a business school is different from teaching in a science course; a question that many educators think about.

Tips on Becoming a Great Academic: In this short video, Prof. B Mahadevan addresses all educators who aspire to become great academics and offers them some thumb rules based on his experiences in teaching.

Traits of a Confident Teacher: In this video, Prof. B Mahadevan brings to light a question that often crosses educators’ minds, especially the ones at the beginning of their career; the question is if they are capable of teaching with confidence.

Importance of a Detailed Session Plan: Effective classroom delivery is all about a logical story unwinding in the class. Prof. B Mahadevan says a detailed session plan is necessary to achieve this. He goes on to provide educators some useful tips on developing a session plan.

How Often Should You Start a New Elective: In his talk, Prof. B Mahadevan shares his thoughts around how often an educator should start a new elective. He states that in a business school, issues unfold faster than imagined and educators must keep pace and come up with more electives.