Accessible Quality Learning from IIMB MOOCs through Swayam E-learning Platform

Accessible Quality Learning from IIMB MOOCs through Swayam E-learning Platform

IIMB online MOOC courses through Swayam have been highly helpful for people residing in rural areas where there is dearth of colleges and universities.

These courses have been proving as a boon to these people to enhance their knowledge and improve their skill set. Swayam online courses from IIMB have emerged as a valuable source of knowledge and information for those who could not complete their study for some or other reason.

Around 7500 students all across the country have completed and received completion certificate of the IIMB courses on Swayam platform.

The main aim of this learning platform is to ensure that all learners, especially Indian learners, irrespective of their geographical location and economic background, can obtain top-notch education from the best education institutes in India.

Currently, there are over 2,000 courses from different Universities and Colleges on SWAYAM, with over 1 crore enrolments, and many students have successfully received their certificates on completion of the course.

So, no matter where you are located, you can enrol to study a course on Swayam.

IIMB is proud to offer courses by its faculty for social cause to the entire nation. There are around 23 courses from IIMB which are running live on the Swayam platform and 5 new courses got added for the current year. Around 50,000 students across the country have enrolled in the IIMB MOOC courses for the current batch. The courses range in duration from 5 weeks to 12 weeks depending on the type, complexity, and level of the course.

Leaners do not have to be a digitally savvy to study on SWAYAM. The process of submitting assignments, registering for the exams, are all simple and straightforward. In case of any other technical difficulties, the SWAYAM Technical Team helps the learners.

Swayam IIMB MOOCs have contributed significantly in spreading social and educational awareness in the society with the help of its online courses and active contribution from its esteemed faculty fraternity.