Understanding the Hospital Organisation Structure – Delivering MOOCs for healthcare professionals to enable practical understanding

Understanding the Hospital Organisation Structure – Delivering MOOCs for healthcare professionals to enable practical understanding

The IIMBx team is planning to release a program for healthcare professionals. The program is aimed to develop the managerial skills of healthcare professional to empower them with better managerial skills and enable them with better management techniques to improve the performance of their organisation.

With this objective, a team of IIMBx went for a visit to Narayana Health City on 17th December 2021. The visit was aimed to gain the practical insights regarding the organisation structure of a hospital and to understand the key points for better resource management.

The team was led by Dr. Sourav Mukherji, who interviewed Mr. Shirshendu Mookherjee, HR Group Head of Narayana Health. The interview will feature in the upcoming MOOC on ‘Organization Design’ as a part of the certificate program on Hospital Management.

Mr. Mookherjee covered the various aspects of the organization structure, design philosophy and systems deployed within Narayana Health.  He also highlighted the myriad challenges that healthcare providers faced in their operations during the pandemic. The course on Organization Design will address many of these aspects including how hospital structures are different from regular businesses in their functions and what criticalities one need to consider while managing hospitals.

Similarly, another team led by Dr. Deepthi Ganapathy observed and interacted with the various forms of visual, verbal, and non-verbal forms of communication at the Narayana Cardiac Centre for developing a MOOC on communications focused on healthcare group.

The course on healthcare communication will offer a wide range of perspectives to the learners including patient-provider communication, non-verbal communication such as the use of certain types of body language and the practice of active listening. The visit was a good opportunity for the team to gain onsite experience , interact with the Narayana Hospital staff and gain useful observations for course building.

IIMBx, the digital wing of IIMB, conducted an exclusive interview with Dr. Devi Shetty from Narayana Health for its most awaited flagship program on Healthcare Management.

In his insightful talk with Dr. Deepti Ganapathy for the MOOC on Healthcare Communication, Dr Shetty shared his thoughts pertaining to various topics ranging from telemedicine and infrastructure to soft skills and body language and the importance of relationship, trust and empathy in healthcare sector. His talk underlines the importance of emotional intelligence for healthcare professionals in order to be better providers of health and service.

The IIMBx program, which is specially created for healthcare professionals, is expected to launch in May 2022.