General Management Programme on Entertainment and Media Business – (GEM) Batch 1

General Management Programme on Entertainment and Media Business – (GEM) Batch 1

The Entertainment industry is a fast-growing business segment. The last two decades have seen large scale corporatisation of the satellite TV business and feature film business. The COVID-induced lockdown has resulted in a high consumption of the visual media. The OTT business has seen an exponential increase of user base; this has also meant OTT platforms have increased their production spends dramatically. There is an urgent need to train and equip young managers with unique skill sets to do well in this fast changing field. The programme provides a framework for understanding the key marketing and strategic issues facing organizations in the entertainment industry. Key sectors of the entertainment industry are covered, focusing on OTT, feature films, television, e-sports, animation and VFX, music, performing arts, and publishing.

The programme is designed for aspiring mainstream media and entertainment business entrepreneurs and executives, as well as those interested in the world of independent filmmaking. It is for producers, directors, writers, development personnel, and aspiring media executives who want to examine the changing business issues associated with the entertainment industry.

Apply by  30th May 2022 

Starts on: 15th July 2022

Programme Directors: Dr. Raghunath S and Rajiv Menon, Indian Filmmaker

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