Talk on ‘Investment Perspectives for Women’; Register Now!

Talk on ‘Investment Perspectives for Women’; Register Now!

02 MAY, 2022: The Centre for Capital Markets and Risk Management (CCMRM) at IIM Bangalore will host a webinar o ‘Investment Perspectives for Women’, on May 6th 2022, at 4 pm.

The webinar will focus on how women can save and invest. “Women are managing households and starting companies. They are breaking stereotypes and emerging as flagbearers for families and firms. This talk will throw light on what are the various ways to save and what are the various investment channels for women,” said Dr. M Jayadev, Chairperson, CCMRM.

The speakers are Kiran Telang, SEBI-registered investment advisor, and author of ‘Mindful Retirement’ & ‘Moneywise-Perspectives for Women, and Anjali Manda, Founder, Moneymati. Anjali has over 12 years of experience in consulting, financial advisory, training and research in entrepreneurship and finance.

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