Vivek Moorthy

Vivek Moorthy is Professor of Economics in the Economics and Social Sciences area. He obtained his Master’s at Jawaharlal Nehru University, taught briefly at St Stephens College, Delhi, and then obtained his doctorate in Economics from the University of California, Los Angeles. He taught at Pennsylvania State University and then joined the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. He was initially in Domestic Research, working on US economy projections for the Federal Open Market Committee that conducts monetary policy and later as Senior Economist in the Foreign Exchange Function at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, before joining IIM Bangalore.

At IIM Bangalore, since 1995, he taught core and elective courses in macroeconomics and financial markets, across various programmes.  His research interests and areas ranged across labour markets, monetary and fiscal policy, global financial markets and banking. He has authored and co-authored Federal Reserve Bank of New York memoranda, research studies and reports on monetary policy, on foreign exchange and on financial market developments.

His subsequent international and Indian journal publications have been on various topics: notably interest rates and exchange rates, long standing academic debates about the stability of public debt under alternative modes of financing, food prices, inflation measurement and policy for India.

Some of his research has been distilled into Applied Macroeconomics: Employment, Growth and Inflation, published in 2017, the first of a sequence of three books. In teaching macroeconomics, he developed a simplified version of the model used in his 2000 study, to replace the dominant IS/LM framework. His next book in progress, Financial Macroeconomics, is based on the new policy rate approach.

IIMB thanks Dr. Vivek Moorthy for his contributions and wishes him the very best.