Raviteja GR, Manjunatha KG and Nandeesh

Raviteja GR, Manjunatha KG and Nandeesh

Exemplary emergency support by IIMB staff saves a life

IIMB is proud to share that the presence of mind and quick response of three of its employees – Raviteja GR, Manjunatha KG and Nandeesh – helped save the life of one of the participants of the Executive Education Programme (EEP), on 13th May 2022.

Soon after the afternoon session began, one of the participants began feeling uncomfortable and exited the room. He was directed to the Health Centre. Within minutes, his symptoms were diagnosed as that of a cardiac arrest, and he was moved to Fortis Hospital. Soon after, he was taken to the cath lab where an emergency angioplasty was performed. All of this happened within minutes thanks to the mindfulness and swift action on the part of Raviteja (Programme Administrator, EEP), Manjunatha (Nurse, Health Centre) and Nandeesh (ambulance driver, UDS).

The participant spent a few days in Fortis, and has now recovered and returned to his home town.

IIMB has recognized the contribution of all three of them through a memento and a certificate of appreciation. And, of course, heartfelt appreciation is pouring in from all quarters of the institute for such invaluable help and support, where each one of us feels lucky and privileged to work with such colleagues.