Teaching Tips on Tap (TTT)

Teaching Tips on Tap (TTT)

CTL’s Teaching Tips on Tap page has added the following three  videos this month. The videos are from Dr. Rajalaxmi Kamath, faculty in the Public Policy area.

  1. Challenges in Teaching – Analog Shots Solution in a Digital World

In this video, Prof. Kamath reveals that the issue facing teachers today is something deeper than information being gained through the internet or smartphone – it is around attention span, concentration levels and an ability to slow down and reflect. She speaks about her “analog shots in a digital world” to address these challenges.

  1. On Teaching Pedagogies – Case Study Method and Other Methods

In this short video, Prof. Kamath presents her take on teaching pedagogies: case methods, non-case methods, flipped classrooms, and hybrid classes.

  1. Being a Good Teacher

In this brief video, Prof. Kamath explains why being a good teacher is the same as being a good doctor or a good lawyer.

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