Dr Balkrishna V Doshi

Dr Balkrishna V Doshi

We are deeply saddened by the passing of Dr. BV Doshi, who breathed life into the buildings he designed, including this wonderful campus, where we live and learn.

Dr Doshi’s philosophy of design and his love for life will continue to inspire us.

From the Padma Shri to the Pritzker prize, he was honoured with so many awards and yet remained a simple, almost saintly, human being. 

Our campus is a destination for not just students of architecture and practising architects, with the architecture of the academic and administrative blocks becoming a case study, it is an inspiration for all of us and a marvel for those who visit us.

Completed in 1983, the original stone architecture is now complemented by greenery, just as Dr Doshi had intended.

At a condolence meeting held on campus, on 27th January, the IIMB Director, Professor Rishikesha T Krishnan paid tribute to the legendary architect and said it is IIMB’s responsibility to carry his legacy of sustainability forward. 

Ms Pavithra Ullal, well-known architect who considers Dr Doshi her friend, philosopher and guide, and who worked on the IIMB campus along with him, shared anecdotes that threw light on the humanitarian that he was. “Everyone whose life he touched was transformed,” she said, also drawing attention to his eye for detail, his penchant with perfection and his ability to keep things uncomplicated.

Ms Kiran Keswani, well-known architect who worked at Sangath – Dr Doshi’s studio in Ahmedabad, shared her experience of working with a visionary, a taskmaster and a teacher beyond compare. 

Mr Shivakumar K, from the IIMB Estates team, who worked closely with Dr Doshi on the IIMB campus buildings, spoke at length about the lessons he learned – in life as well as in work – from his mentor.

Dr Rajendra K Bandi, Dean Administration, said he remained in awe of Dr Doshi’s energy and his intense and complete involvement with the projects he worked on.