Professor A. Damodaran

Professor A. Damodaran

Professor A. Damodaran is superannuating from the services of IIM Bangalore on 31st January 2023 after a service of 18 years. 

Prof. Damodaran obtained his Ph.D. and Master’s degrees from the University of Kerala. He has held several academic and professional assignments abroad, such as a Fellow with the US-EPA, visiting positions at the University of California in Berkeley, the University of Bonn, Institute of Developing Economies, Japan, University of Wageningen, The Netherlands, and the Graduate School of Management, St Petersburg State University, Russia.

His research areas include Environmental Economics and Financing, Cultural Economics, IPR Economics with reference to the Transfer of Technology, Global Commons Management, and Economics of Distributed Network Technologies (Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies). Professor Damodaran is widely published, and his papers and articles have appeared in prestigious international journals. His notable books include ‘Encircling the Seamless: India, Climate Change and the Global Commons’ (2010) and ‘Managing Arts in Times of Pandemics and Beyond’. (2022).  

At IIMB, Prof. Damodaran taught courses in Managerial Economics,  IPR for Business, Global Commons Negotiations and Business in Network Technologies, Economics of Global Commons and Sustainable Development, and the Economics and Managerial Dimensions of Arts and Culture. Prof. Damodaran is a highly-regarded teacher and was awarded the Dewang Mehta National Best Teacher Award in Economics in 2016. 

Prof. Damodaran served as a member of many international expert groups in Environment Management. He is the Chair of the Technical Advisory Group on the Government of India-UNDP project, ‘BIOFIN.’ 

At IIMB, Prof. Damodaran  served as Member on the IIMB Board, Member of the FDEC, Chairperson of the Post Graduate Programme in Public Policy and Management (PGPPM), and Area Chairperson.  

IIMB thanks him for his services to the Institute and wishes him a happy and healthy retired life.