Teaching Tips on Tap

Teaching Tips on Tap

Dr. B Mahadevan, from the Production and Operations Management area at IIMB, has spoken on Importance of a Detailed Session Plan in Tamil as part of this year’s TTT initiative in regional languages.

Here’s the link to his video:

(5) ஒவ்வொரு வகுப்பின் விரிவான பாடதிட்டத்தின் முக்கியத்துவம் – YouTube

The summary in English:

Effective classroom delivery is all about a logical story unwinding in the class. Prof. Mahadevan says a detailed session plan is necessary to achieve this. He goes on to provide educators some useful tips on developing a session plan. As a first step to developing the plan, Prof. Mahadevan suggests educators decide on the issues that need to be discussed in class. The educators will then need to take a call on what topics need to be introduced in the class and how they need to be introduced. He also advises educators to chronologically organize the activities scheduled for a 90-minute session. Educators should also be able to anticipate the questions that may arise in class and decide on the time to be devoted in answering those questions.
He concludes the talk with an after-the-class tip. Educators are advised to update the session plan sheet with any variations made in class.