IIM Bangalore thanks its donors, who collaborate as partners and energizers of the institute

IIM Bangalore thanks its donors, who collaborate as partners and energizers of the institute

One of the recent donors is Shashi Yadavalli, Principal, Deloitte Consulting, who is an alum of the 1996-1998 batch of the two-year fulltime MBA – the Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP).

Congratulating IIMB on its 50th anniversary, Shashi says, “I am forever indebted to IIM Bangalore for equipping me with the skills and recognition to be a successful business leader. I wish all the very best to IIMB in all its future endeavors and growth pathways.”

IIM Bangalore thanks Shashi for his engagement with his alma mater.

IIMB also extends its thanks to Anurag Pratap, Vice President, Digital Inclusion & Sustainability Leader, Capgemini India, for being one of the corporate donors. Capgemini is funding NSRCEL for the ‘Velocity for Social Impact’ venture.

Talking about Capgemini’s collaboration with NSRCEL, he says, “Capgemini has always considered itself a front runner in the Digital Transformation space by ensuring that technology and innovation are leveraged to create sustainable solutions and an equitable society for all. Our Digital Inclusion program relies on two pillars: bridging the digital divide and using technology to ensure social and sustainable development for everyone. We are able to fulfil this commitment in a major way through our partnership with IIMB’s NSRCEL, as this venture allows start-ups, co-working ventures, eminent academicians from its parent institution IIMB, and researchers, to build an active support ecosystem for early-stage entrepreneurs, thus acting as an incubator for new business ideas. Helping support early-stage social ventures with innovative solutions to tackle the country’s pressing social problems through scalable and sustainable business models, helps us maintain our commitment towards a sustainable and equitable future for all.” 

Anurag further says that Capgemini truly supports the entrepreneurial mindset that the organization has witnessed in each of these social ventures and truly hopes this partnership with IIMB will help create a significant and long-lasting impact on our society.