IIMBx is launching two new Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) on its platform, namely, ‘Statistics for Healthcare’

IIMBx is launching two new Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) on its platform, namely, ‘Statistics for Healthcare’

People often ponder about the transformative impact of Statistics on healthcare. There are situations where dependable data proves to be crucial for making critical decisions. In medicine, Statistics is vital to unlocking a deeper understanding of patient outcomes, evaluating treatment effectiveness and shaping evidence-based practices.

Statistics is essential in healthcare, playing a vital role in guiding medical decisions, shaping government policies and ultimately impacting patient outcomes. It is a powerful tool for analyzing data, identifying trends and drawing meaningful insights that drive evidence-based practice. By harnessing the power of Statistics, healthcare professionals can make informed decisions, evaluate treatment effectiveness and improve overall healthcare delivery. 

The significance of Statistics in healthcare extends beyond mere numbers and charts; it is the foundation upon which evidence, progress and improved patient care are built. With this objective, IIMBx developed the course, ‘Statistics for Healthcare’. Dr. Shankar Venkatagiri, Chairperson and faculty, Information Systems area, and Chairperson, IT Facilitation Committee of IIM Bangalore, will lead the course.

This course will help learners to: 

  • Apply spreadsheet skills to organize and analyze healthcare data effectively
  • Utilize descriptive statistics and data visualization techniques to accurately summarize and present healthcare data
  • Understand the concept of probability and its relevance in healthcare decision-making processes
  • Demonstrate knowledge of various random variables and their distributions commonly encountered in healthcare research and practice
  • Apply inferential statistics techniques to draw valid conclusions and predict healthcare populations based on sample data