Path Breaker 3.0 for HP India

Path Breaker 3.0 for HP India

The 3rd edition of the ‘Path Breaker 3.0’, the Leadership Development Programme for HP India, was launched on

8th June 2023. This is a talent building initiative for succession planning for business-critical roles, including global roles based out of India.

Altogether 33 leaders participated in the inauguration, which saw the top management of HP India set the context and reiterate their support for the business ideas that get incubated through the programme.

The programme covers themes focused on strategic future-thinking and innovation, developing an entrepreneurial mindset and customer centricity, personal leadership and how to manage complexity. The participants undertake the Hogan assessment for heightened self-awareness. The programme is delivered live online, over twenty half-days blended with self-paced learning through IIMBx MOOCs. The learning application will be through group action-learning projects focusing on business problems that participants will work on and then present their solutions to the top management team of HP India. The entire programme is being delivered in a phased manner over 10 months.

Groups also provide presentations to their leadership on their learning on all the themes covered in the programme.