Business Cases in Organisation Behaviour and HRM

Business Cases in Organisation Behaviour and HRM

Gopal Mahapatra

Published by: Springer  

The book contains 12 cases on various dimensions of organizational change, leadership, entrepreneurship, and career management practices across industries.  

The professional world is changing rapidly. With globalization and the pace of technological advancement, the world is changing into a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous (VUCA) environment, more so for businesses. In this challenging context, leaders and HR professionals must adopt new strategies to navigate and foster business growth, success, and sustainability. 

In the last decade, India has seen increasing significance given to leadership and human resources management for the growth and sustenance of business and social organizations. The approaches followed by leaders have proven successful, particularly in the fields of people management, employee engagement, change management, entrepreneurship, and the like. In this context, the editor invited leading academicians and a few practitioners in organization behaviour (OB), leadership, and human resource management (HRM) to submit business cases and teaching notes.  

The book aims to facilitate learning and development through these cases on employee engagement, training and development, mergers and acquisitions, leading virtual teams, career management leveraging technology, and the broader areas of people management.  

All authors have carefully selected and highlighted cases of significance along with relevant teaching notes. This is likely to be quite valuable to academicians in B-schools in India and abroad; not to mention MBA students, undergraduate students, leaders and HR professionals, practice owners, and consultants, who want to leverage these cases for leadership development, solving business problems as well as getting new insights into current people management issues.  

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