Professor Malay Bhattacharyya

Professor Malay Bhattacharyya, faculty from the Decision Sciences area, superannuated from the services of the institute on March 31, 2021.

Prof. Bhattacharyya has had a distinguished career as an academic and is a highly-rated teacher by his students at IIM Bangalore. Always willing to share his experience and knowledge, he has been a mentor to his students and a friend to his colleagues.

Prof. Bhattacharyya’s academic career spans more than three decades, and he has published in academic journals and conference proceedings.

His research interests include Quantitative Finance, Time Series and Extreme Value Theory.

He has a PhD and MSc in Operations Research, both from the London School of Economics. He also has a BSc and MSc in Statistics, from the Presidency College, Calcutta and the Calcutta University, respectively.

Sharing his thoughts on Prof. Malay Bhattacharyya, Prof. Rahul Dé from the Information Systems area of IIMB, who has been a colleague over the years, says: “When I first met Malay, he appeared to be a cheerful and thoughtful colleague who was immensely knowledgeable and yet humble. Our families met over several social visits. He regaled us with stories from his past as a student in the UK and then as a faculty in India”.

Discussing Prof. Bhattacharyya’s expertise as an academician as well as an administrator, Prof. Dé said, “Malay took on the challenge of starting the Executive Post Graduate Programme in Management (EPGP) at IIMB. It required both designing the entire programme and also convincing faculty colleagues that this was the right thing to do. This took immense effort and a lot of dedication on Malay’s part, but he persevered and saw the programme come into being. I will say that it was Malay’s initial energy and vision that has made EPGP one of the leading programmes in its category in India, and in the world. He is widely read and very well informed on many issues and subjects. One could just drop by his room and literally ‘pick his brain’ on some arcane issue, and he would generously give his time.”

Prof. Rahul De added, “He has also shown us how to maintain a cheerful demeanour, and continue with responsibilities diligently, even in the face of personal loss.”

Prof. Vasanthi Srinivasan, Chairperson, Digital Learning and faculty from the Organizational Behavior & Human Resources Management area, says although Prof. Malay is a soft-spoken person, there is an intensity when he discusses issues. “He and I have had conversations in the faculty lounge because he is one of the few faculty members who comes early for his cup of tea. He is an extensive reader and the articles that he sends to the faculty are very thoughtful. I have saved several of such articles. They often provide very different perspectives to the dominant conversation. Prof. Malay’s calm demeanour and smile will be missed.”

IIM Bangalore thanks the outstanding teacher for his dedicated service and contribution to the institute and wishes him a very happy and healthy retired life.