Behavioral Economics and Public Policy

Behavioral Economics and Public Policy

IIMBx has launched a six-module course titled: ‘Behavioral Economics and Public Policy’ in the field of Economics and Public Policy. The course introduces Behavioral Economics through various tools and techniques and gives a detailed perspective to understand decision making. 

The course will help participants understand the various psychological processes that a consumer goes through while making a decision, using topics like nudges, choice architecture, notions of fairness as well as real-life examples. It will also contextualize how a simple nudge can change a person’s decisions, strategies and choices. 

The course touches upon indicators like Heuristics and biases, growth biases and risk preferences. It will also introduce terms like loss aversion, sunk costs, discounting, etc. 

Participants will also get to understand the distinction between the thought processes of econs and humans. Moreover, the course will delve into the topic of discrimination and its types, evidence and consequences, and how policies have been introduced to reduce the various gaps.

Those aspiring to join this course need to click on the link below for enrolment.