Empowering Women through Entrepreneurship Program

Empowering Women through Entrepreneurship Program

IIMB is also committed to offer its services towards women empowerment. As a part of empowering women entrepreneurs, IIMB has entered in collaboration with National Commission for women and India SME forum to launch a program on ‘Empowering Women through Entrepreneurship Program’  in first week of March 2022. The Institute has completed two successful runs earlier, Batch 1 and Batch 2 during June -September last year.

The program received overwhelming response from women entrepreneurs across the country with 1772 participants in  Batch 1 around 42% learners completed the MOOC course on ‘Do your Venture’ and with 929 learners in Batch II with completion rate of 38%.

As part of this program IIMB’s action-oriented online course “Do Your Venture: Entrepreneurship for Everyone” was offered for training the participants in Entrepreneurship.  Ideated and designed to promote economic independence among women through Entrepreneurship, the program is accepting applications currently from women from across the country and will be delivered in two phases – Online Training by IIMB and then Incubation by India SME Forum in the second phase.

The distinguishing feature of this upcoming run of the program is the launch of  the online course “Do Your Venture: Entrepreneurship for Everyone” in Hindi. The IIMBx team with its inhouse resources has attempted to dub the videos together with translating the entire course in Hindi including the platform.

This tripartite collaboration of three organizations has the grand vision of reaching out to  women entrepreneurs of the country helping them cross the bridge where language seemed to be a barrier.

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